Monday, July 26, 2010

Last Sunday at Christ Memorial

Our last Sunday at Christ Memorial was definitely hard. It’s no fun saying goodbye to people who have really touched your life and made you feel like part of their family. Christ Memorial is very much our church home, even though neither John nor I hold official membership. Thanks to the Bicks and the Groerichs for making the day so special, and thanks to the youth for their beautiful faith presentation, prayers, and music during service (I know that wasn’t to us, it’s to God, but it blesses us for sure!) We’ll miss you all so very much, but we’ll be home soon. I feel like John and I, along with our other college and seminary friends are very used to goodbyes now, and are better at them than most others, because we know it’s not the end of our friendships and relationships; we’ll stay in touch and pick up right where we left off when we meet again. We love you and miss you already. See you soon!!


  1. i'm sure you both will be dearly missed!

  2. I wish I could have come!!! Be this cool for the church in Jacksonville!

    Jacob Holtgrieve

  3. Jacob we missed you there! But keep up with us, let us know how everyone is doing