Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Beach Day, or Bad Beach Day?

At first glance, today was a wet, gloomy day. Not an ideal beach day. But we decided to take a chance, because, my goodness we hadn't been there in two weeks! And it turns out that when it's overcast and not very windy, the beach is a very relaxing place to be! We spent almost 3 hours there, and left not because William was getting fussy, but because we figured we should probably get some other stuff done :) We weren't worried about getting burned, sand wasn't flying in our face, we weren't hot and crabby, there weren't many people there, and it never rained on us. It was a good beach day. However, the water was a little bit chilly...


  1. I love the "I love STL" t-shirt.

  2. any day at the beach is a good day for those of us who'd LOVE to be there!

    sending love from STL...
    the cooks :)

  3. Aw! All the pictures are so cute!