Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Impressions

So far Jaxbeach is hot and humid, hotter than normal as I'm told. But I really can't complain, St. Louis wasn't much better actually. Our house is literally across the street from the church, a direct line from church doors to our front door. Which not only means more time to get ready for church in the morning, but also easy access to anyone who'd like the shoot the breeze with the vicar or his wife... :) William fell asleep in Pastor Dana's arms (John's supervising pastor). Everyone has been so surprised at how friendly William is to all these strangers. Sunday he was running up to everyone, lifting his arms "asking" to be picked up :) They love him already (no surprise to those who know him well).

John takes morning runs down to the beach and back, which he says has beautiful sunrises, so maybe one of these mornings we'll ride our bikes down there (no running for me, thanks :)). I'll be sure to share some pics of that. And yes, we've been to the beach already. Saturday and Sunday night we drove over to Neptune beach which has a private beach feel to it. The coast is lined with houses, so any tourist/visitor would think this part of the beach is off limits. Thanks to our Pastor who told us they're required by law to have public beach access from the street every 2 blocks. It's a little hidden, but we can park right outside the houses and skip on over to the quiet, relaxing beach. It's perfect for William, and we can easily spend a quick hour there in the evening without having to lather up on sunscreen or even get our bathingsuits on, since we're only going about ankle deep anyways.

One of our visits, we met a few guys fishing for sharks! They were just standing on the shore, right up where the tide comes in, with their fishing lines. And they caught a little one! By the way, there's been two shark attacks in the outlying areas this past week... don't worry, we won't be going out that far!

Love you all, thanks for keeping up with us!


  1. The beach is so beautiful and William looks so cute!

  2. Love your blog!! The beach looks like so much fun!!