Friday, September 3, 2010

Fitness Challenge!

Last year I really struggled with my extra baby weight; I wanted it off right away! One of my Sem friends, Heidi, and I started getting up super early and working out together, and now that we're hundreds of miles apart, I'm starting to slip in my fitness routine...

So, we started a challenge so-to-speak. Neither of us are working on weight loss, just staying active and healthy. We both promised each other that we'll be working out in some way 4 days a week. For myself, I'll be doing 2 days cardio, 2 days strength for 30min each. Pretty reasonable starting commitment. If either of us breaks this commitment for any reason (no "out of town" excuses here! Maybe if she has to go on bed rest for her baby I'd cut her some slack...) we owe the other a pedicure :) Sounds fun, right?

Last night I started with some pilates; not that bad of a intro. Today I moved on to Jillian... it's been about an hour since and I'm already sore! It's okay, it will get better, right? Heidi might be sporting a new pedi sooner than she thought... :)


  1. We love your blog, the pictures are wonderful!

  2. You will quickly conquer the Shred....I have faith. I got bored with that one pretty quick, and have moved on to the Kettlebell workouts. Now THOSE I have NOT conquered.
    I shall persevere, though! Its a kickin' total body workout indeed. :)
    We miss yas....