Thursday, October 28, 2010

Belief System of a Preschooler

1. When you hit another kid, just say it was an accident and you won't get in trouble.
2. It's okay to take another kids' toy away as long as you yell "share!" when you do it.
3. If someone says you're not their best friend, tell on them.
4. When a teacher asks if you put a toy away, went potty, or cleaned up your spot, always say yes, either way.
5. If someone tells on you but the teacher didn't see, just say "no I didn't."
6. It's okay to fight as long as "they" started it.
7. True friendship is determined by whether or not you're invited to someone's birthday party.
8. When a teacher tells you to stop doing something, she only really means it if she gets up from her chair.

Those are just from my few days substitute teaching. What are your observations?

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