Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sub-ing with the 4yr olds

It's not really my style to just be a stay-at-home-mom/housewife; I need a little something extra to keep me busy. So I applied to the daycare/preschool at the church, across the street, as a substitute. My name is also on the list at another local daycare and a Baptist High School.

Monday was my first call. I worked with the 4yr old preschoolers. The other teachers asked me "so what age group did you teach before?" "High school." Haha, yeah, a little different. But I survived! And actually, these kids really aren't that bad. They listen pretty well and there's not a lot of problem kids or anything. They'd tell you stories about their life all day long, though.

The theme that day was apples; we read Johnny Apple Seed, counted apples, thought of words that start with 'A', and even made an apple snack. Of course, the apple snack consisted of an apple on a stick, dipped in frosting, and covered with sprinkles. Most of the kids just licked off the frosting and said, "I'm done!" I tried to make it a contest to see who could take the biggest bites of their apples. It worked on some, but on others "I don't like apple skin!" Oh well, what can ya do?

A similar story at lunch where they ate all of their ramen-noodle soup, but avoided their fruit and carrots which just ended up wasted in the trash. I was encouraged when I saw a couple kids bring their own lunches. Until I saw the doritos, sugar drinks, and candy.

Afternoon snack came with two chocolate chip cookies and grape punch. Sigh... and one boy added to his snack with his own huge rice krispie treat. Really? Who is it exactly who's making these nutrition rules? Parents are paying for these meals, aren't they? So where's the budget allowance for something beyond ramen and over-cooked canned carrots? I know the teachers and staff are just following the rules created by some higher Florida power, I just wish it was different. Jamie Oliver, bring back your food revolution!

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