Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I don't know how you women do it. I'm just not good at it I guess. Are you born with it? Is it learned? How do you get to be a good stay-at-home mom?

I've been trying this for almost 4months now, and I definitely should be doing better than I am. I guess I'm cutting out grocery bill down a bit with my couponing (which is a full time job by the way!). But I want this awesome routine where every morning William and I get outside; go to the park, the beach, whatever, then each day I have something else to do, like Monday is my grocery shopping days, Tuesday is my creative days, Wednesday is my laundry days, Thursday cleaning day, etc. But I can't seem to get it down. I canNOT get ANYthing done while William's awake! So what, that means I have 2 hours of nap time and 2 hours of bedtime before my bedtime to cook, clean, coupon, blog, catch up with fam and friends, and take care of myself... hm... sounds easier than it is. I don't end up showering until like 1:00 in the afternoon, unless I miss my window of opportunity and I have to push it to the next day, which happens more than I'd like. At the end of the day I have a whiney toddler who hasn't had the structured day that I would have liked, a double sink full of dirty dishes and no dishwasher, food all over and under the table, toys everywhere, and a load of wet clothes that have been sitting in the washer since the morning.... How do you moms get stuff done with your toddler following you around the house wanting you to play with, read to, and take them to outside? William's always bringing me his shoes, has me put them on him, grabs my hand, and leads me to the door, and when I say we're not going anywhere, he whines for longer than you'd expect. This happens like 4 times a day. Even after we've been out of the house for half of the day.

What's also been making it harder is my substitute teaching. I didn't think preschool sub-ing would happen so often. The last 2 weeks I've worked 4 of 5 days a week, this week 4 days again, next week 3 days. NOT what I anticipated, and definitely throwing a kink into an already flawed system I'm trying to get going. I swore I would only work 1-2 days a week, but I keep saying yes... I swear I'll start saying no. (raise your hand if you believe me...)

Sigh... maybe I just need some alone time on the beach to figure this all out :)


  1. you could always have another child, then they can entertain each other :)

  2. The outside stuff is a phase. Nathan went through the exact same thing when he was William's age, outside CONSTANTLY. I would get bored.
    But now he entertains himself and he doesn't like to go out much: it is another phase. Hang in there. Just when you think he would SLEEP outside if he could, he'll switch. KIDS, you just can't figure them out.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement; BOTH of you, haha :)