Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. William Is Two, Are You?

Has it really been two years already? William knows his colors, numbers, and even Spanish 1-10, and will even put several words together in a sort of fragment sentence. What is going on?? I love to hear his little toddler words, like "I yah yoo" (I love you), "sah-soo-suh" (construction truck), or "dah-yah-doh" (There ya go!), but I'm a little startled when what he's saying sounds very close to how a big kid speaks! I don't want him to start talking like an adult! Before I know it, he'll be wiping off my kisses in front of his friends, and be annoyed when I ask him what he learned in school... Sigh...

But I threw him a party anyways. When we were planning the party, we asked him "what kind of party do you want?" to which he responded "wha-pah-y-want?" so we had to answer for him. What does William love more than anything else....? Milk! He loves milk! A milk party? What else does he love.... he's always asking for yogurt, and cheese... he loves books! He always asks us to read Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? That's it! A book/cow/dairy themed birthday party!

We had milkshakes, build your own yogurt parfait, string cheese, hamburgers and beef hot dogs of course, beef jerky in the take home bags, and finally, an ice cream cake shaped like a cow. Still if anyone says the word "cake" William chimes in "cow cake?" Here's just a "few" pics from the big day :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, he's getting so big! His party looked cute! The cake was so cute!