Sunday, June 5, 2011

Join The Food Fight!

John and I watched this quick series last year, so intrigued by this man's quest in the states, and eager to see how the rest of his mission would pan out.

For months I didn't see any hint of hope that ABC would bring his show back. Until yesterday I pulled up hulu to watch a little Jimmy Falon while William slept, and what did I see? Jamie Oliver staring back at me! And it was the THIRD episode! YES!

So I've done a little catch up and must say am LOVING this second season as much as the first! It's so eye opening and appropriate for our generation.

One part that stuck out to me; concerned parents in LA telling Jamie "My kid ate well, until he went to school!" I don't look forward to the day when William goes to school full time and he'll be subject to the poor eating habits that have sentenced our society to a 25% obesity rate. People are sick, hurting, and dying because of the toxic food we're ignorantly putting into our bodies. Organizations that are designed to protect us have failed miserably. I'm not advocating super regulation; the government can't tell us what to and what not to eat. However, it can keep fast food and other food services from preparing and handling food in such a way that is harmful to our health! Why are we nervous about food and toys that come from China? Because their government doesn't regulate the way we so proudly boast of our government. Yet if someone suggests the government crack down on the way food is handled and processed, there's an uproar of people crying "big government!" (As a side note, people in FL are upset b/c the governor wants to require people applying for welfare to take a drug test. Really? Just take the test and stop doing drugs!)

Here's a clip that really opened my eyes to the USDA's leniency towards processed meat. I've tried to just duck my head and ignore this for many years, but now I know... (this is the only version of this clip I could find, sorry, it's someone videoing their TV, but it's watchable!)

I'm nervous that Jamie Oliver's efforts here in the US will soon come to an end. His struggles this season are even greater than last season, and even his own network keeps bumping his show! I'm afraid it'll be canceled due to low ratings. If you think the way America allows food to be handled, processed, and prepared is a serious problem (as evidenced in the 1:4 obesity ratio), consider tuning into the show and supporting his efforts. Here's a clip from this season that summarizes what this season's going to look like (this one's actually in HD :))

Check Out Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

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