Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To bed without a pacifier: Week 2

It was rough those first few nights/days. William would cry/scream less and less each night, though. Naptimes were worse. After the first few days, we went from one hour of crying (going in every 15 min to calm down), down to about 30 min. Then a few nights down to 20 min. And last night and tonight, crying only until the door closed, then nothing. We hear him talking every once in a while, and today I went in to get him after his nap, and when he saw me, he kept playing with his stuffed animals for several minutes before asking to be picked up! Success!

We haven't actually taken his pacifier away from him, but he won't put it in his mouth anymore, so it's basically the same. I think we'll take the pacifier out completely tomorrow, and I suspect there will be no difference.

But this should be a good example for new parents out there; it's not impossible to wean your baby from things! The first few nights seem so awful, and you can't really see how you can let this go on, but be consistent, turn your headphones up :) and watch the clock, it is your friend. 5 minutes seems like an hour, but the clock won't lie. Once you, your spouse, and your little one are ready, go for it! And trust your judgment; you know best what your child needs.

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