Friday, November 5, 2010


Halloween was a lot of fun this year. After a very nice flight home through Southwest (in your face, Delta!), we made it in time for Bethlehem's Trunk or Treat! All the kiddos looked great! William didn't quite get the concept of trick or treating, he just ran around. But it was fun anyways :) A few days earlier the daycare had a parade around the block. William just chilled the whole time with his arm around the girl next to him... smooth guy :)

The way we decide what William is for halloween is by what's at the re-sale shops :) Last year the Resell It shop at the Sem had a 6mo sized frog, so he was a frog. This year Once Upon A Child had a 12mo sized shark, so he was a shark! We would have never thought of a shark otherwise, but how fitting it is since we're in FL! John and Leslie Hart gave us the idea of being surfers, which we thought was hilarious, so borrowed the Barley's surf-gear and headed over to Trunk or Treat. All in all, a cute holiday :)

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