Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photo Class!

As I write this post, I do realize it would have been appropriate to prepare pictures to show what I've learned, but get over it, I don't have any pictures. Mainly because I'm learning a lot but am also a little lost in all the info. That's better than the alternative; going in thinking, great, knew that, don't care.

The teacher's awesome. He makes fun of Nikons. Sorry Nikon people. I thought I had the underdog camera, which to some I still do, but at least my teacher speaks my language :) We only have one class left, but I've learned a lot. First, the relationship between aperature, shutter speed, and ISO, which together dictate exposure. When you change 2 or 3 of them, you can keep the exposure the same (or the amount of light that gets in the picture). Or else you can change just one, and adjust the exposure depending on your scene.

ALSO, our cameras see gray. Just gray really, and they try to make our pictures gray. Can you believe that of them?! Jerks. So if most of the scene you're shooting is dark, the camera says, hm, how can we make this closer to gray? I know! Make the darks light! Except then it blows out the whites so bright that you can't see their detail anymore. Then likewise with scenes that have mostly light colors. The darker subjects become way way dark so you can't see what they are anymore. But we can outsmart them. How you ask? Exposure, of course! But that's where the hard part comes in... there's lot of numbers and charts and techniques like metering that I'm trying to soak in...

Check back later and hopefully I'll know a little more what I'm talking about, and have some pics to prove it?


  1. ahh keep sharing tips please! I have a canon rebel and I've had it since last Christmas but I'm still figuring the whole thing out..I'll take any tips I can get :)