Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Traditions

William still doesn't quite "get" Christmas yet, like who Jesus is, what the tree is for, and what Santa's all about (at least I don't think he does, you never know with little guys!). But soon the traditions John and I start will need to be carried out year after year, so we've gotta figure it out!

We've already gotten so many presents in the mail early, and of course we've already opened them all! William doesn't understand they're specifically Christmas presents, so why wait? So many friends and family have gotten him something that I don't even think John or I will get him a Christmas present! Is that terrible? Are we bad parents? I mean, we get him stuff all year; every time I bought anything for him this month I thought "Maybe this is his present," like clothes, or parking to see a live nativity, or a little slide off craigslist. He doesn't know the difference. So he may not even have a present to open up on Christmas at all. I don't think John or I will either, anyways :)

When both John and I were growing up, Christmas was about the music, lights, hot chocolate, Santa, and of course, the presents! I know we (the kids in my family) always got tons of presents, from our parents, our family, friends, and they all accumulated under the tree leading up to the big day when all the anticipation would finally reach its climactic unwrapping. I'd count the boxes with my name, try to guess what they could be, compare the number with my siblings (I had step-siblings for a good amount of time). And of course there were the mystery presents promised by Santa. I had to visit him every year to make sure he knew my wish list. My parents really went all out; we left out cookies and milk and everything. I could never fall asleep that night. It was so exciting; a special visit from the ever elusive Clause who would break into our house while we slept and leave the greatest Christmas presents of the year. As soon as I regained consciousness, whatever time that may have been, I was up and out in the living room, normally by myself, to bask in the glory of my new Barbie clubhouse, or Sega game system.

When I found out Santa was my mom, I was crushed.

So, to Santa, or not to Santa. It's all fake, so who cares? But I absolutely LOVED it growing up. So why do I feel like it's so unnecessary now? Is it because Jesus is more important to me now than he was then? Is it because now I'd be doing all the work of secretly shopping and staying up all night and getting credit for nothing? But then will our kids be those annoying ones who ruin it for everyone else's kids by blowing Santa's cover? Hm....

And what about showering the kids with presents? Well, 1)we just won't be able to afford that, and 2)we'd just be contributing to what Christians always complain about, the motivation behind the cliche "Jesus is the reason for the season" campaign. And to be honest, while John and I both have been and still are the recipients of rather lavish gifts from our parents on Christmas, it makes me a little sick when middle school kids are getting new blackberries and DSwhatevers and any other $300+ fill-in-the-blank Christmas presents, even each kid in a family of 4. Um, sorry, I don't think so.

What would our Christmases be like if our kids each got ONE Christmas present a year??? And what parent can avoid buying their kids new this-or-thats throughout the year anyways? They've got birthdays and Easter and let's not forget, grandparents! :) Hm... interesting thought...

Well, we don't have any decisions we need to make this year. We'll be thinking on it. And maybe we'll end up being, yes, "that" family :)

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