Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's not really about us anymore

Which is fine with me. Once you have children, they take up your attention, thoughts, plans, free time, facebook status updates, etc. And, really, come on, that's all we care about isn't it? A quick hi to mom and dad, but give me that boy!! We understand, he's waaay more exciting then we are right now, that's for sure :)

So when people say "Happy birthday," I look around and say "oh, me! Thanks!" because we hardly think about our own birthdays anymore. How old am I, um, oh yeah, twenty... five, that's right. How old is William? 19 mo's and 21 days :)

But since it is my birthday tomorrow, John and I are going on a freebie tour! We'll start out with a free breakfast at IHOP, a free Tropical Smoothie, free coffee drink from Dunkin Donuts, then for lunch a free sub at Angie's and Firehouse Sub, then for dinner a free appetizer from Carrabbas Italian grill, free burger from Ruby Tuesdays (would get another from Red Robbin but they don't have them here :( ) a free dessert at Buffalo Wild Wings, and a free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Mmmm, I'm so excited :) I've never really been one to take advantage of all the free birthday things you get, but this year I'm going all out! I know we'll have to tip at most of these places, but still, it's gonna be fun.

For my birthday present from John, we stood in line at Walmart as they began selling new Wii's for $124! Finally, after everyone and their mom has one, we can partake in the joy of playing Wii. Only we have to take turns, since there's one remote :) Anyone want to lend us one of their remotes?

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