Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wow, sorry to everyone for how long it's been. I'm not a good blogger. And I'm not going to be a good one now, either :) We've been pretty busy lately, so here's a super quick update, and then I've gotta jet!

Last month we had two dear friends come to visit, in the same week, Kelly McFarlin and Jakob Lillvik. William had an awesome time, and we were at the beach every day! Which is how I think he may have gotten his staph infection... two nights ago we went to the ER after the recommendation of the Urgent Care doctor we had seen the night before, and were there from 8:30-2:00am (yeah, way past his bed time). It was a pretty exciting night, William got his first xray, IV, and blood drawn! With some antibiotics it's clearing up, but he still waddles a little (it hurts...). Before the trip to the ER William and I were in Georgia to see the Vogels and play with Caden while Nicole had baby Adelyn! We threw a surprise "sprinkle" (not as big as a "shower" since the new baby already had a lot from her big brother's showers!) on Sunday, and she went to the hospital that night! I know, brilliant planning on my part :) Oh and did I mention that I started teaching an online World Religions class through Orange Lutheran High School in CA? Yeah, that all happened the same week our friends came in town. Oh and finally I also started volunteering at Dance Trance to get free classes. It's a dance fitness studio, but my friends and dance to music like Usher, Kesha, Christina Aguilara, Glee, etc. It's super fun, and a good sweaty work out. We've got some more friends coming in town later this week, so I better run if I'm gonna get my work out, grading, antibiotics, laundry, grocery shopping, Bible study in!

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